Best of the Week 4.28.14

America and Skechers won the Boston Marathon, but I won twitter with 46 retweets and a crazy rant about cheating and bandits.  Next year I will offer $1000 cash money to any #champion willing to lead the race while wearing TRS gear for the first mile or so.

Hot chicks #RockTheCock in addition to LA, Rich Roll and podium finisher Joe Raymond.  Note: this is the first time Rich Roll has worn a shirt in over 3 years.

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Finally, I’d like to name a #Starkamaniac of the Week.  The sexy ladies of the World Triathlon Series are really exciting to watch. Gwen Jorgensen had an amazing run that earned her a podium spot after finishing the bike back two and a half minutes from the leaders.  However, Sarah Groff is my #Starkamaniac of the week. Why? Because #Starkamania is all about the swim and the bike. When reached for comment, Sarah replied: “Thanks, Real Starky. It was your style: hard swim and bike, run a bit like a donkey, but end up with a decent result.”

We love you Groffy! Keep up the good work.

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