Episode #1 of a New Video Series: Training with…

AJ Baucco is the star of the first episode in a new Video Series shot and edited by Andrew Hibbitt. Episode 2 will feature Lauren Goss.

Friends of TRS Radio and TRS Triathlon are no strangers to the charismatic, opinionated, attractive and fun-loving AJ Baucco from Cleveland, Ohio. He was first introduced to us in the hilarious episode #7 where he was in full off-season party mode. In that October interview he talked about his desire to get better and compete hard in 2015. It was sincere and we found ourselves rooting for the former smoker and punk band drummer.

That week in Kona, he also placed second in the “Win a Date with Angela Durazo” game show and he won the first annual Kona Beer Mile in a time of 6:20.

With just a couple of races under his belt so far this season, one thing is for sure: his swim has improved tremendously as evidenced by not only his times but also the fact that he’s making the first group pretty consistently. This bodes well for his future.

As a fan and friend of AJ Baucco, it’s good to see him doing work. Watch him compete this weekend at Challenge Knoxville. Enjoy!

But wait, there’s more!

14khaUdgDid you like this video? You bet your ass you did. Well, I am pleased to announce that TRStriathlon.com has entered into an exclusive agreement with Andrew Hibbitt, the man behind this new video series, and we will be exclusively presenting all of Andrew’s future videos.

Andrew Hibbitt is a triathlete and full time student studying exercise science. His sporting background was primarily in soccer, but he has been racing triathlon for the last 3 years. He has been working his way up in the sport and aspires to race at the professional level. He also owns his own triathlon coaching company, BreakThruEndurance.com.

Andrew, a long time fan of TRS Radio, is living and training in Boulder, Colorado where he will have ample opportunity to film some of the best athletes in the world. We are pumped to have him on the team.

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