Sexism at Slowtwitch

NOTE: It was brought to my attention that Jack Weiss resigned in the fall from the USA Triathlon board. The article was corrected as soon…

TRS Triathlon Under New Ownership

NOTE: This was an April Fool’s prank.  It is with mixed emotions that I write to you today with an announcement. For many months you,…

Covering Races: Lessons Learned

Ironman New Zealand Randy Cantu, new writer for TRS Triathlon, did a really nice job telling the story of Ironman New Zealand in 1518 words. He followed…

The TRS Guide to Twitter

(Published by on April 12, 2014) You may not use twitter or understand how it works. You’re not an early adopter, you’re a non-adopter….

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eating cereal by stan empfield

ever since i was a high school runner and ran 4:19 for the imperial mile as a 16 year old, i’ve eaten cereal for breakfast….