Weekly Poll – Triathlon Superpowers

Lionel Sanders - The Green FlashOriginal photo by Matthew Vandersande
 There is something swirling in the air around TRS Triathlon headquarters.  Is our hero back?  A whisper of a rumor wrapped in a myth.  Is it true?  Find out this week in episode #3 of TRS:THE RED BUTTERFLY!!!
I apologize for any confusion.  There’s not really a red butterfly.  (Though that is a great idea for our team kits next year)  It’s just that with Batman vs. Superman opening at the movies this week, my inner comic book nerd is GEEKING OUT!!  With a forum name like GasBomb, I’m sure you thought I was one of the “cool kids”.  Well sorry to disappoint, but I am a giant NERD!  I grew up with my nose in comic books and I was much more interested in superhero stories than worrying about who was going to win Kona.
It’s probably that part of my personality that drew me to triathlon.  I mean come on it doesn’t take a licensed psychiatrist to connect the dots.  As a child, I dreamt of running around in tights saving the day.   Now I spend my weekends running around in tights.  Sure we call them tri-suits, but um really?, besides I may not have a bat cave but I’ve got a pain cave and there are way more gadgets and gizmos in there than Bruce Wayne ever dreamed of owning.  There’s just one problem.  No matter what race I’ve ever entered, from the local sprint to the way too expensive 140.6.  I’m just an average athlete.  I swim, bike, and run at completely human paces.  Faster than a speeding bullet?  Not this mere mortal.  So a thought occurred to me this week.  What if I could somehow have a swim, bike, or run superpower?  Or more specifically what if my superpower could be borrowing a pro triathletes super human ability, just for one race.  Of course, every superhero has limitations.  So I’m only choosing one part of the race to dominate.
The athletes I would choose would be Andy Potts (swim), Andrew Starykowicz (bike), and Gwen Jorgensen(run).  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not using the word “specialist” to describe any of these three.  Its just when you’re first out of the water 97% of the time, like Andy Potts, you start to have a reputation.  Same with Mr. Starky setting 56 mile and 112 mile world records, dude can ride.  How about Gwen?  If she’s within a minute of the leaders at T2 then the race is over.  She’s that freaking fast!
How cool would that be – could you imagine?  Which discipline would you choose, and which athlete?
So don’t be a Joker – vote in this weeks poll and comment in the forum (trust the KOAT for 100% forum functionality).  TRS Triathlon wants to know.

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Clay Gasway
Clay suffers from Low T and Selachophobia. Proudly serving TRS as the King Of All Polls. Oh, and he enjoys exercising way more than any normal person should. Follow @GasBomb4