The Official 2015 Kona Beer Mile Video

The 2015 Kona Beer Mile was a huge success. Despite the secrecy and last minute instructions, we had probably triple the total number of competitors and fans show up relative to last year. Thanks to Periscope, hundreds of people joined us from around the world as we streamed it from our smart phones. 

Your 2015 Kona Beer Mile champion is Rudy Quinn, who finished in 6:10. He led the first lap and never gave up the lead. He may not have been the fastest runner, but he was by far the best chugger, choosing bottles over cans. Legendary drinker and pro triathlete Bryan Rhodes was the runner up, and Jesse Tuke rounded out the podium.

Your 2015 women’s champion is Kirsty Jahn. She’s a pro triathlete and former runner on the Canadian national team. No one talked more trash than Kirsty on the island this week. Because our timekeeper is useless, I have no idea what her time was. Pro triathletes Alyssa Godesky took 2nd and Karen Thibodeau took 3rd. 

The non-alcoholic division was won by Tommy Zaferes who chugged root beer. 

Thank you Huub Design and TorHans for supporting us this week. Thanks Rudy Project for the terrific film.

About the Author

BH is Publisher of TRS Triathlon and host of TRS Radio.