Weekly Poll – Destination Unknown

Greetings fellow triathletes!  This weeks poll is being used for my own personal selfish purpose.  With Ben Hobbs busy pulling a camper and Aaron Webstey super busy fulfilling his CEO duties (and apparently teaching gray hairs how to swim), there just isn’t anyone around TRS headquarters to supervise me.  This is a very dangerous thing.  Mr. Webstey has personally talked me out of several misguided poll questions.  These include, but are not limited to, anal cavity search vs. sockless marathon, bestiality vs. aquabike, and a really messed up game of Marry/Screw/Kill where Paulo Sousa was the correct answer for all 3.  What can I say, our CEO is a wise man and is very kind, almost stepfather like, to his employees.

So, what is this selfish poll question?  Pretty simple.  I am considering signing up for a destination race next season and I am using our readership to point me in the right direction.  Please keep in mind that I am not a seasoned traveler and I do have Boo Boo (my love) to keep happy.  I’m going to try to squeeze it down to just a few poll options, but if you have an argument for another location that I have forgotten, please speak up on the forum.  Also, yes I like to race long course, but if there is an Olympic or sprint race that you want to recommend, have at it!

Some Options:

Continental USA

US Flag

Let’s face it.  I am only a 10 hour drive or a very short plane trip to just about every fun triathlon destination race in the good ‘ol USA.  Also, these options would be the cheapest, travel wise, and would allow for more time spent at the destination and less time getting there.  Another bonus, not much in the way of time change.  Oh, and keep in mind that I only speak English and some really basic Spanish.



These may sound like completely different choices, but when it comes to travel, there really isn’t much difference.  More than likely it’s a 2 to 6 hour flight, similar time zones, and not much in the way of language barriers.  Plus, my favorite Tri trip of all time (so far) was Mont Tremblant in Quebec.  Beautiful scenery, great food, and fantastic race!

South America


You are really going to have to do some convincing to talk me into this.  Maybe it’s just all the negative publicity leading into Rio, but as much as I am intrigued by the cultures/food/scenery, I just keep picturing myself swimming in a toilet bowl.  #sworry



I’ve done some travelling in England/Scotland, but have never been to any other countries.  Definitely interested in Spain/Portugal and the Spanish Island races like Mallorca or Lanzarote.  Also, Germany is very intriguing because, you know, they actually give a shit about triathlon.  Which would be a unique experience.  Plus I have a strong love of sauerkraut and spicy mustard.  This is probably the area I am leaning towards the most, so try to talk me out of it! 


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