Weekly Poll – Olympic King Or The Queen K?

The 2016 Olympics triathlon race will be remembered for Alistair Brownlee’s 2nd Gold Medal and a Brownlee Brothers 1,2 finish.  Major injuries to Richard Murray (collarbone) and Javier Gomez Noya (elbow) will be quickly forgotten along with the fact that this course was a perfect setup for another Brownlee romp.  Anyone who watches ITU racing will tell you that one thing the Brownlee brothers do better than most is suffer.  Eight laps of that hilly Rio bike course was going to require lots of suffering.  Not to mention a run completely out in the midday sun with no shade in sight.  One look at Alistair’s blue lips at Thursday’s finish line tells the story of an athlete that can coax every last molecule of oxygen from his system.  Strolling across the line 6 seconds ahead of his younger brother Jonathan, we got to witness an Olympic distance machine at home in his preferred environment.  It was an amazing sight.

     Now the future calls.  Alistair (28) and Jonny (26) have some big decisions to make.  Nothing is stopping them from sticking around the ITU circuit and prepping for another medal run in Tokyo 2020.  However, a switch to long course could be very tempting for the lads from Leeds.  In fact, several short course stars could be making the switch in the very near future.  Geez could you imagine Murray or Mola running guys down on the marathon course?  The one thing they have most certainly noticed during the last two Olympic cycles?  That would be Jan Frodeno tearing up the 70.3 and 140.6 world championships and Javi Gomez snatching the 2014 70.3 world championship weeks after picking up another ITU crown.  Endorsement dollars and celebrity don’t really seem to drive these two.  Nope, these boys race with a chip on their shoulders and there has been plenty of press questioning whether the two brothers, especially Alistair with his tip toe running style, could make the transition to long course supremacy. 

So, what do you opinionated TRS readers think?  Would Alistair be a formidable long course athlete?  Could Jonny slip out of his older brothers shadow to dominate Kona?  Maybe they should stick with what they do best?  So vote in the poll and argue in the forum!!!  TRS Triathlon wants to know!!!


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